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The Paraná state capital brings an European charm that sets it apart from most of Brazil. Curitiba is full of sights such as the Opera House wire, Oscar Niemeyer Museum, the Botanical Gardens and several parks scattered throughout the city's neighborhoods. And you can check all this in one of our city tours.do and the services you offer. 



PUCPR's Curitiba Campus has a sports complex for academic and extension activities. In these spaces the activities of the Physical Education undergraduate course and the lato sensu postgraduate courses in the sports area are carried out. Extension activities are also offered to the internal (students, teachers and collaborators) and external (general public) community. In this space students can practice sports as a form of leisure or to train for sports competitions.


Official Tourism Agency

Official hotel and services proposal for the 20º World ITKF Traditional Karate Championship offered by Agatur 

Date: Starting December 02, 2019 throught December 08, 2019 

Place: PUCPR – R. Imaculada Conceição, 1155 –

1. hotel.jpg

Hotel Lira 

Adress: Av. Sen. Salgado Filho, 463 - Prado Velho, Curitiba/PR 

Distance from the event’s place: about 450 meters 

Standard Economic Room (Ceiling fan) 


Single: R$ 129,00 + 10% ISS Tax (Daily fare) 

Double: R$ 174,76 + 10% ISS Tax (Daily fare) 

2. hotel.jpg

Hotel Slim Slaviero Torres 

Adress: Rua Deputado Miguel Buffara, 88 - Jardim das Américas 

Distance from the event’s place: about 2,6 kilometers 

Standard Room 


Single: R$ 170,00 + 5% ISS Tax (Daily fare) 

Double: R$ 200,00 + 5% ISS Tax (Daily fare) 

3. hotel.jpg

Hotel Rockefeller Slaviero 

Adress: R. Rockfeller, 11 – Rebouças 

Distance from the event’s place: about 2,4 kilometers 

Luxury Room 


Single: R$ 222,00 + 10% ISS Tax (Daily fare) 

Double: R$ 242,00 + 10% ISS Tax (Daily fare) 

Other Services offered by Agatur: 

Flight Tickets 

• Official Airline company: Exclusive fees for tickets negotiated in Brazil. 

• Exclusive service and personal treatment, providing prices and booking for hotel rooms and flight tickets. 


Touristic activities in Curitiba and other destinations according to the demands of the event, like City-tuors, travel packages for Florianópolis, Foz do Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, among other destinations. 


• Special fees for the official event’s hotels, selected all according to the criteria, quality and price requested by the client.


• Customer Service, providing fees and booking for participants and guests of the event. 

Support and local attendance 

• Agatur has an office to better serve its clients, also having the possibility to arrange a service station at the event’s location. ​

Transfer Service

• Planning and control of the transport logistics for participants and guests of the event. 

• Partnership with the main transportation companies in the city, ofering the best fleet and assistance for the users. 


• Exclusive team focused on meeting the demands of the event.

VIP Attendance 

• Full assistance for all the travel logistics for the guests, taking care of every detail of the travel, with the main goal to provide the best attendance one can get. ​