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ITKF Officially Launches World Championship and Interclubs Cup

ITKF 20th World Championship

25 de outubro de 2019


Curitiba - PR

At a meeting held at Mercado Sal in Curitiba capital of Paraná state, the Local Organizing Committee presented to the press the details of the competition and other events taking place in December

Gilberto Gaertner, ITKF president

The International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) held on September 25th the official launch of the set of events to be held by the institution in early December in Brazil.

The presentation at Mercado Sal in Curitiba was attended by leaders, local authorities, athletes, teachers, entrepreneurs, the press, Local Organizing Committee, partners and supporters.

Guests and contributors

Among the leaders present were Gilberto Gaertner, president of ITKF; Antonio Carlos Walger, president of the Pan American Traditional Karate Federation and vice president of the Brazilian Traditional Karate Confederation (CBKT); Alessandro Tizoni Ramos, President of the Traditional Karate Federation of the State of Paraná; Luiz Alberto Kuster, former president of CBKT; and Guilherme Carollo, Addes coordinator, among others. Also present at the meeting were world champions Giordana de Souza, Ricardo Buzzi and Vinícius Pinto and Pan American champions Jean Laure and Suellen Souza.

Gaertner introducing 20th ITKF World Championship teaser

Sergio Maurício Alves, CEO of Shiroi Kimonos, ITKF's official sporting goods supplier, and businessman Eduardo Sokoloski Júnior, CEO of the traditional and reputable Casa de França “House of France”, who formalized support for the ITKF World Championship during the event, attended the cerimony.

Guests and contributors

The meeting aimed at publicizing the activities that make up the XX ITKF World Championship for the press and the people of Curitiba began with the official launch of the updated ITKF logo by the president of the organization. The championship posters, the ITKF website and the advertising teaser were also presented, as well as the schedule and general program of the December activities, from the arrival to the departure of the delegations.

Kata heian waza presentation

Following, there were demonstrations and application of heian waza by athletes Vinícius Pinto, Adeir Gomes and Orestes Borges and kata and ko-go kumitê by athletes Suellen Souza and Amanda Gussão.

Guests and contributors

After the formal part of the event, which had a great and select participation, the guests got together enjoying the numerous dining options of Mercado Sal, one of the most expressive gastronomic and leisure centers of Curitiba, which is negotiating partnership with ITKF.

In Gilberto Gaertner's evaluation, the meeting exceeded expectations, mobilizing most of the collaborators involved in holding the XX World ITKF Traditional Karate Championship.

Kata heian waza application

“Despite the cold weather in Curitiba, we managed to bring together the main leaders of the sport, supporters and most of our employees who make up the local organizing committee. We are 60 days from the World Cup and we have to keep the whole team motivated and focused so we can deliver a big event to the international community,” said ITKF President.

Alexandra Gil, Gilberto Gaertner and Ricardo Buzzi

Ko-go kumite presentation

Eduardo Sokoloski Junior and Gilberto Gaertner

Alessandro Tizoni Ramos, Gilberto Gaertner and Antonio Carlos Walger

Parana karateka presentation set fire to meeting

Demonstrations by Vinicius Pinto, Adeir Gomes, Orestes Borges, Suellen Souza and Amanda Gussão

Ricardo Buzzi and Mauricio Alves

Designer Marcelo Azevedo, Former CBKT president Luiz Alberto Kuster and Gilberto Gaertner, ITKF president

Gilberto Gaertner with professors Marcio Kerkoski, Julio César Bassan, Helto Legnani and Rui Marçal, scientific advisers at Traditional Karate University

Alessandro Tizoni Ramos and Mauricio Alves

Mauricio Alves and Gilberto Gaertner

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