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ITKF Interclub World Cup projects record athlete participation

Scheduled for the beginning of December, in Curitiba, the World Cup is already generating great expectation by offering a wide range of disputes and allowing athletes and clubs worldwide to have international visibility

ITKF 2019 Interclub World Cup

October 2, 2019


Curitiba – PR

The Interclubs World Cup will be held from December 2 to 8 at the PUC-PR gymnasium in Curitiba, simultaneously with the activities that make up the 20th ITKF World Championship, technical and arbitration courses, scientific congresses, meetings of the University of Traditional Karate and the technical and administrative committee, continental assemblies and general assembly.

Gilberto Gaertner, ITKF President

The signing and registration for the World Cup can be done on December 3rd from 9h to 20hs and on the 4th from 9 to 16hs, at the event secretary; The technical congress will be held on December 4 at 6 pm, always on the campus of PUC - PR.

Gilberto Gaertner, president of the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF), points out that the interclub cup aims to enable the participation in a world-wide event of athletes who are not part of the national teams, since in the world the number of participants by country is quite limited. Another objective is to increase the participation of veteran, children and athletes, as well as to launch and test new competition formats and arbitration system processes.

Sérgio Bastos, President of the Brazilian Traditional Karate Confederation

“The Interclub World Cup is generating great expectations in Brazil and in the affiliates of all continents, as it will allow a direct exchange between traditional karate clubs at the global level. It will undoubtedly be a majestic event, providing a moment of effective integration between peoples, far beyond the borders, races and languages ​​that separate us. In addition to ITKF, we will have other invited entities; undoubtedly it will be a big party”, predicted Gaertner.

Categories in dispute

The V Interclub World Cup will be played in the following individual categories: kata and kihon ippon kumitê - 8 and 9 years, 10 and 11 years, 12 and 13 years; kata and ko-go kumitê - 14 and 15 years old, 16 and 17 years old; and kata and kumitê - 18 to 21 years old, 22 to 35 years old, 36 to 49 years old, 50 to 56 years old, 57 to 62 years old and 63 years old and above.

Team disputes will be composed of three athletes in mixed kata - up to 13 years old, 14 to 17 years and 18 years old and above; male veteran kata - 50 to 59 years and 60 years old and above; and female veteran kata - 50 years old.

Eckner de Pereira Cardoso Sobrinho, president of the Traditional Karate Federation of Bahia.

Leaders highlight the importance of Interclub World Cup

Sérgio Bastos, president of the Brazilian Traditional Karate Confederation, remembered that in 2010 Brazil held the best edition of ITKF World Championships.

“We received the interclub cup and the world championship with great satisfaction and great joy. Last year we hosted the Pan American Championship and in December we will receive the selections from the four continents that will participate in the events that make up the XX ITKF World Championship. It is a great responsibility, but at the same time we are proud to be able to organize the main international event of our sport. In 2010 we held the best edition of ITKF World Championships, and this year we will certainly repeat the feat”, said Bastos, who hopes to get a record in the number of karate athletes registered in the interclub cup.

Gilberto Gaertner, ITKF President and Ibrahim Al Bakr, ATKF President foresee a new moment for traditional karate in Africa

“The holding of the Interclub World Cup adds tremendous value to the World Cup. This event will offer a gigantic exchange for karate athletes of all age groups because it does not limit the number of athletes by sport. In addition to providing the emergence of new talent, the dispute promotes a great exchange of experiences”, said Professor Bastos.

Ibrahim Albakr, president of the African Traditional Karate Federation (ATKF) and member of the ITKF board of directors, sent a message to the international community.

“I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all national traditional karate federations to participate in the Interclub World Cup to share our experiences and increase the technical level of ITKF athletes. This form of competition will help us build a very strong relationship between all countries and regions; Regardless of skin colors and languages, we will only work under the name and path defined by ITKF. I'm sure we will have a wonderful and very successful competition”, said Albakr.

Jorge Crosa, President of Uruguay's Traditional Karate Federation

Alessandro Tizoni Ramos, newly elected president of the Traditional Karate Federation of Paraná, Brazil, says that the clubs in Paraná and the board are very motivated by the event.

“First of all I would like to thank ITKF for the great opportunity were offered to us. I see this as a privilege to host an event of such magnitude in our state, and participating in a World Cup in other countries is difficult and very expensive for all of us, especially for our athletes”, said Tizoni, who concluded by talking about the expectation and legacy of this important competition.

“The World Cup creates high expectations worldwide by offering a wide range of contests and allowing athletes and clubs around the world to have international visibility. Our estimate is to enroll more than 300 athletes in the interclub world only. I think we are working hard to make this event stand in the history of Paraná`s Karate and ITKF.”

Macedonian Dejan Nedev, general secretary of the European Federation of Traditional Karate (ETKF) and member of the ITKF board of directors, highlighted Brazilian Confederation of Traditional Karate-Dô (CBKT) expertise in hosting major events.

Alessandro Tizoni Ramos, FPrKT president and his deputy Jean Laure Edoardo

“First of all, I would like to congratulate CBKT for its efforts in organizing the Interclubs World Cup in Curitiba, Brazil. The Brazilian Confederation is one of the largest and strongest traditional karate federations in the world with extensive experience in organizing major competitions. I participated in the world championship held in the city of Curitiba in 2010, and I can say that it was an event of excellence. This means this year's Interclub World Cup will be organized at the highest level. I wish all the best to the organizers and reiterate that the European countries will be very supportive and will participate in this great event”, said Nedev.

For the president of the federation of Bahia, Brazil and technical director of the Brazilian Confederation of Traditional Karate-Dô (CBKT), Professor Eckner Pereira Cardoso Sobrinho, the expectation for the V Interclubs World Cup is high.

Dejan Nedev, Secretary General of the European Federation of Traditional Karate (ETKF)

“This is a high level event, with the standard of seriousness and organization of Paraná's directors. Some news will be tested, such as the modalities of mixed team kata and master team kata, which will allow the participation of more athletes from all countries. Young people from the age of 8 will also be able to apply through their clubs”, said the Bahia state official.

“Coordinated by Professor Gilberto Gaertner, President of ITKF, the organizers work hard to make the event successful. I emphasize that competition is an important means of technical, physical and psychological improvement, coupled with the cultivation of values ​​inherent in traditional karate-do practitioners, inserted in dojô-kun”, concluded Eckner sensei.

Optimistic, Jorge Crosa, president of Uruguay's Traditional Karate Federation, predicts a historic achievement for the heavenly selection.

"After an outstanding participation in the 2018 Pan American Championship in Curitiba, where they were gold medalists in various modalities and ranked second among the teams, the celestials will seek to reaffirm everything that has been done in the last four years," he said. Uruguayan leader.

Uruguay expects to land on Brazilian land with approximately 50 athletes, including children, youth and adults. The qualifiers to compose the Uruguayan delegation ended in November, when the 2019 National Championship / Bushidô Cup was disputed. It will be the largest delegation of Uruguay has ever organized.

More information and news about the 5th Interclub World Cup can be found at and facebook

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