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Iconic eight-time world champion Cornel Musat will teach a course during ITKF World Championship

XX World Championship of Traditional Karate

November 210, 2019


Curitiba - PR

Romanian legendary karateka predicts that, in addition to honoring Nishiyama sensei's legacy, holding the world championship is vitally important to further growth of the traditional movement around the world.

On the beach, Cornel Musat showcases his potent yoko-gueri

As part of the extensive program involving the holding of the XX Traditional World Karate Championship and the V Interclub World Cup, ITKF will promote from December 2 to 8, in Curitiba (PR), technical seminars and arbitration courses, scientific congresses, meetings on the University of Traditional Karate and meeting of the technical and administrative committee, in addition to the Continental Assemblies and the General Assembly of the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF).

Among the great ITKF champions to give lectures in Curitiba, the presence of Cornel Musat, the iconic Romanian eight-time world champion, has just been announced. In addition to teaching karate classes, Musat promises to enter the koto to seek the ninth gold medal in world championships.

The legendary Romanian karate man walks on the waterfront

Black belt go-dan (5th dan), Musat has represented Romania in 86 official competitions and snatched 38 European titles. A true machine for winning titles and medals, Cornel Musat spoke about his expectation for the XX edition of the ITKF World Championship.

“My expectation is that we have a huge participation and that we can bring together all the traditional karate federations in the world. Of course I also want the Romanian team to be in excellent shape, to represent my country very well and to succeed in this great championship, ”said Musat, who also spoke about the organization of the event.

“I think the event is being very well organized, that the organizing committee of Brazil will promote a great meeting for the ITKF summit and a great event with the best karateka in the world.”

Cornel Musat com o professor shihan kyuu-dan (9º dan), Vladimie Jorga que é o presidente da Federação Europeia de Karatê Tradicional

ssessing the strategic importance of the events to be held in Brazil, Musat sees the unique opportunity to consolidate ITKF's resumption of growth.

“I believe this event is vitally important to ITKF's future. I envision the unique opportunity to bring together all the traditional karate federations on the planet and come up with proposals that further strengthen and design the traditional karate movement around the world. In this way we will be honoring the sensei legacy Hidetaka Nishiyama and at the local level we will reverence our sensei Dan Stuparu. I hope this event will have an extremely positive impact and consolidate ITKF's new momentum, ”concluded the eight-time Romanian world champion.

The eight-time world champion training yoko-gueri in his dojo

Traditional Karate World Championship 2019

The XX World Championship of Traditional Karate will be held from December 2 to 8 at the PUC-PR gymnasium in Curitiba (PR). Side activities are the V Interclub World Cup, technical courses taught by major sport icons and arbitration modules, scientific congresses, meetings on the University of Karate and the Technical and Administrative Committee, in addition to the continental assemblies and the general assembly of the ITKF.

More information on ITKF's Curitiba event set can be on here

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